Plumbing Apprentice Code Training

2024 Spring Classes Begin the First Week of February

In the state of Illinois, sponsors are responsible for properly training their apprentice(s). On the job training is invaluable, but reading and understanding the code book is a part of the job that can’t be overlooked and usually requires assistance. 

When it comes to learning and understanding the code book, there are only a few options available to Illinois Plumbers; Join a union or find an accredited college/trade school.

Plumbing Code Consultants offers an additional option with code training classes to help plumbing apprentices learn to navigate and understand the Illinois plumbing code.

Getting Started with Apprentice Code Training

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Plumbing Apprentice Code Training Classes are only offered for licensed apprentices that are gainfully employed by Illinois plumbing contractors and want to improve and perfect their plumbing skills in order to prepare for the Illinois Plumbers Exam. Trainings are offered by semester (Spring and Fall) and each include 15 weeks of instruction. Look below for a full schedule of upcoming classes.

Apprentice Code Training Classes

Spring 2024 – Elgin, IL

OVERVIEW: (15) weeks of 2 hr plumbing code instruction


  • Starting February 6th and running through the middle of May
  • Class days:
    1st & 2nd year apprentices on Tuesdays (Class is Full)
    3rd & 4th year apprentices on Thursdays
  • Please register online and email at for confirmation of class dates

TIMES: 4:30 to 6:30 PM

LOCATION: 860 Commerce Dr. South Elgin. Il. 60177
COST: $1500.00
BRING: Required each night: code book, pen/pencil, BLUE & GREEN colored pencils, a straight edge or architect’s ruler, safety glasses.

Test your knowledge about Illinois Plumbing Code 890.120 Definitions. Try our flashcards study app:


DISCLAIMER: Plumbing Code Consultants is NOT an accredited trade school, but we do offer reputable plumbing code training by licensed plumbers and inspectors. Our goal is to help you better understand your trade, learn the code, perfect your skills, and become a better plumber.

Plumbing Code Consultants is also NOT a hiring/referral hall. The Department of Labor requires “accredited apprenticeship programs” to offer employment and or referrals. If you are interested in a career in the plumbing industry, please contact a local plumbing contractor in the area. You must be at least 16 years of age and once you are “sponsored,” you may be able to take the state exam after 4 yrs. As noted in 750.510, 225ilcs 320/3.